Weddings are more fun with a touch of magic

Climbing the corporate ladder in a pair of fabulous stilettos isn’t easy, not even for a witch.

Anastasia Winters is on a mission to become the supernatural world’s go-to event coordinator. With a high-profile wedding in the final stretch, she needs everything to go just right. Her next promotion depends on it.

But when the groom gets dosed with an experimental potion and professes his undying love for the maid of honor, Anastasia’s shot at the wedding-planner big leagues goes up in flames.

Can she get the wedding back on track, or is she destined to be demoted back to wrangling baby dragons at birthday parties and filling the guest list for the Tooth Fairy’s Halloween bash?

One town. Two spunky leading ladies.

More magic and mayhem than you can shake a wand at.

Welcome to Beechwood Harbor.

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