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Sneak peek of Mermaids and Meringue!

After a long (long) wait, we are finally returning to Rosella’s adventures in Winterspell. Mermaids and Meringue will release on October 28th. It’s not a Halloween story—it’s actually starts on New Year’s Eve—but I promise it’s packed full of magic and mystery! Read on for the entire first chapter and then head over to Amazon

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Cursed Claws Sneak Peek

Here is the first chapter of Cursed Claws. Pre-order or wish list today — releasing on 9/21!   **Note this has not gone through the final pass of proofreading, so please forgive all errors. Rest assured they will be fixed in the completed book! 🙂 CHAPTER ONE Fall had arrived in Winterspell and as summer

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Hexed Hiss-tory Sneak Peek!

Hexed Hiss-tory is coming out on July 29th! Here is a sneak peek at the book. Get your copy today!   It was a place no self-respecting witch and feline familiar should have been. At least, not at half past noon on a Wednesday. Winterspell’s favorite watering hole, Merlin’s Well, was one of those bars

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Sprinkles and Sea Serpents: Chapter One

On September 24th I will be releasing Sprinkles and Sea Serpents, the first book in a brand new series–the Sugar Shack Witch Mysteries. This is the first time I’ve published something not connected back to the Beechwood Harbor world, and I am equal parts nervous and excited! I am truly in love with this new book and hope that you will enjoy it! Here is the entire first chapter. A little appetizer! Remember, add the book to your Amazon wish list (specially if you’re a Kindle Unlimited reader) or pre-order today!

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Bad Ghosts Club: Sneak Peek

“I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween,” I said, working to untangle a string of small, pumpkin-shaped lights. “It feels like we were just putting these away for the season. Someone definitely has their thumb on the fast-forward button of life.” Lizzie laughed as she set a trio of ceramic pumpkins beside the cash register. “That’s

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Reception Cut Scene

I hope you enjoyed A Royal Witch. The following is a short cut scene from Cassie and Chief Lincoln’s wedding reception. I couldn’t *quite* make it work at the end of the epilogue, as I wanted Adam and Holly to have that final moment. Anyway, I love weddings and I thought it would be fun

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Couture and Curses Sneak Preview

It’s almost here! Couture and Curses is the second book in my A Touch of Magic Mysteries series. It started with Cupid in a Bottle (which you can get for FREE here) and the first full-length book, Newly Wed and Slightly Dead, was released last month. Anastasia and Harmony’s adventures continue in this second book

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When Good Ghosts Get the Blues: Sneak Peek

When Good Ghosts get the blues: a beechwood harbor ghost mystery Book Three **Coming November 29th, 2018** Scarlet’s next adventure is coming next week! It’s been such a long time coming and I honestly can’t wait for the release date. At the end of Ghosts Gone Wild, Lucas presented Scarlet with a plane ticket to

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First Look: Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve

Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve Chapter One A lot can change in five years, but when dealing with centuries-old vampires, it’s best not to expect progress. Without the urgency of their own mortality, the undead beings don’t feel the need to keep up with the Jones’s, so to speak. Personally, I liked to shake things

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Ghost Gone Wild: Sneak Peek

Ghosts Gone Wild CHAPTER ONE It’s a new dawn. A new day. A new life. A new … everything, and it’s stressing me out. To take some of the pressure off my shoulders, I’d hired a part-time assistant at the flower shop. It wasn’t working out quite the way I’d planned. In just two excruciating

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