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Ghosts in the Garden

When specters speak, secrets unravel. Adjusting to life at Beechwood Inn, with its magical quirks and paranormal guests, was adventure enough. But when the spectral form of Rachel Palmer crashes into my world, things go sideways all over again. Rachel’s memory is a fractured mirror, with the reflection of Sean Harrington, her wealthy ex-boyfriend, caught

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Stray Spells

What’s a witch to do when her feline familiar creates a cursed sleep mask that unleashes an evil spirit bent on plaguing half the town with terrible nightmares? Well, the first stop is Merlin’s Well for a whole pitcher of magic margaritas. Selene’s really outdone herself this time, and I just hope I can reverse

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Reindeer Runes

Lumi Northrop is a powerful guardian of the north—the North Star Reindeer Sanctuary, that is. When Rudolph vanishes the week before Christmas, Lumi is thrust from the peace and quiet of her family’s farm, into the magical town of Holiday Haven to help find him. Lumi quickly discovers that Rudolph isn’t the only local celebrity

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Peppermint Pixies

Lumi Northrop is having the best summer of her life. She’s earned the respect of the entire haven after her role in recovering Rudolph and saving Jack Frost, her family’s reindeer sanctuary is thriving, and she’s even got herself a date to the Summer Solstice Celebration. Life is sweeter than a bowl full of jelly.

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Evergreen Elves

Lumi’s life is thrust into seasonal overdrive as throngs of visitors make their way to her family’s reindeer sanctuary, eager to sip hot cocoa and visit with Santa’s retired fleet. Rumors are swirling that she might be getting a shiny new diamond ring in her stocking this year, but Lumi isn’t so sure. If anything,

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Sugar Cookies and Sirens

It’s Valentine’s Day in Winterspell, but not everyone appears to be feeling the love. And no, I’m not talking about my date-less self. Instead of being wooed by candlelight, I’m working in a candle shop. Cora Hearth, Winterspell’s magical chandler, has teamed up with Sugar Shack to create party favors for the lucky couples, and

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Purr-fect Potions

After unearthing Aunt Lavender’s secret, we may finally know why she was abducted. Unfortunately, it also means the stakes are higher than ever. We’re making headway, but we need help to navigate the elusive world of magical treasure hunting. So, when famed adventurer Tabitha Blake arrives in Winterspell, offering to help, I jump at the

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Mermaids and Meringue

It’s New Year’s Eve and Rosella Midnight has a date with danger. A handsome date for New Year’s Eve? Check. Red lipstick and a killer party dress? Double check. A kiss when the clock strikes twelve? Undecided. If I’m going to be stuck in Winterspell a little longer, I may as well have fun with

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Boxed Set 2 Beechwood Harbor Magic Mysteries Boxed Set 4-6

This bundle includes books four, five, and six in the Beechwood Harbor Magic Mysteries. Witch Way Home: With her ragtag band of supernatural friends in tow, Holly’s off to launch her biggest – and most dangerous – investigation yet. She must stop the killer without setting off the SPA’s alarms or else she can kiss

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Cursed Claws

Tracking down Aunt Lavender’s kidnapper is proving to be more difficult than running through a swimming pool filled with peanut butter. Every lead we uncover ends with more questions than answers. We’re running out of ideas—and time, too. The mysterious Golden Lotus seems to hold the key to the investigation, but no one can tell

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