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First Place Witch

With her potions shop officially open for business, Holly sets off to the San Francisco Haven to compete with the most elite potions masters in the entire country. But what should be a fun and potentially life-changing experience quickly sours when Haven Council officials show up and start poking around Holly’s workstation. When one of

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A Royal Witch

There are several new roommates in the Beechwood Manor, and one of them is a royal witch. Literally. Unrest in a haven-ally magical kingdom leads a foreign princess into hiding and the Supernatural Protection Agency deems the Beechwood Manor as the perfect safe house. When tragedy strikes, the royal’s problems land at the manor’s front

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One Bad Witch

Following six months of intense training under some of the country’s most skilled potion masters, Holly’s head is full to the brim. When she’s offered a new assignment with the Supernatural Protection Agency, she jumps at the chance to take her newfound skills out of the workshop and into the real world. What she didn’t

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Lucky Witch

At least, right up until a dead body shows up in the woods behind the esteemed Beechwood Manor. With the townspeople distracted by a mysterious shamrock-themed scavenger hunt, everyone seems content to chalk up the death as a tragic hunting accident. But when the clover-shaped clues lead back to the crime scene, things take a

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Witch Way Home

I’ve got a final shot at freedom, but when my strongest ally is found murdered, everything is on the line—including my own life. With my rag-tag band of supernatural friends in tow, I have to launch my biggest—and most dangerous—investigation yet. I’ve got to stop the killer without setting off the SPA’s alarms or else

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Witch Slapped

My boyfriend’s snooty parents are coming into town for the Yule Feast and they’re staying at the Beechwood Manor — for an entire week! With a paranormal meet-the-parents on the horizon, the last thing I need is to stumble into yet another murder investigation, but when I become a key witness, there’s no way to

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Twice the Witch

Green might be my best color, but I never thought I’d play the part of the jealous girlfriend. Evangeline might be a certified supernatural celebrity, but that doesn’t mean she can toss her flirtatious smile at my newly minted boyfriend. Before I can wrench Adam from Evangeline’s clutches, I have an amnesiac ghost begging for

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Murder’s a Witch

Murder’s a Witch is the first book in the Beechwood Harbor Magic Mysteries series. A series of spunky paranormal cozy mysteries that are perfect for fans of Amanda M. Lee, Kristen Painter, and Angie Fox.

Come join the fun in Beechwood Harbor, the seaside town where witches, shifters, ghosts, and vamps all live, work, play—and mostly—get along!

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