Stray Spells Audiobook

Stray Spells Audiobook


Stray Spells is now available in audio! Narrated by the amazing Amanda Ronconi.

What’s a witch to do when her feline familiar creates a cursed sleep mask that unleashes an evil spirit bent on plaguing half the town with terrible nightmares?

Well, the first stop is Merlin’s Well for a whole pitcher of magic margaritas.

Selene’s really outdone herself this time, and I just hope I can reverse the curse before more serious damage is done.

**Stray Spells continues the magic and mysteries of the Nine Lives Magic series by Danielle Garrett. These magical cozy mysteries are full of hijinks and purr-fect for anyone who wanted to adopt Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.**


Stray Spells Audiobook

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