Book 3

Evergreen Elves

Christmas time is here again and the Holiday Haven is buzzing with festive fun!

Lumi’s life is thrust into seasonal overdrive as throngs of visitors make their way to her family’s reindeer sanctuary, eager to sip hot cocoa and visit with Santa’s retired fleet.

Rumors are swirling that she might be getting a shiny new diamond ring in her stocking this year, but Lumi isn’t so sure. If anything, Prince Corbin seems to be giving her the cold shoulder, leaving her to wonder if she’s headed for holiday heartbreak instead.

Before she can worry too much about her absentee beau, she’s approached by the North Pole’s leading veterinarian who has a special—if not strange—request.

There’s a thief on the loose in Holiday Haven and Doc Patches has reason to believe his own nephew may be behind the recent crime spree.

Can Lumi get to the bottom of the mischief before it spreads to the North Pole?

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