Book 8

Mystic Meow

It’s the dog days of summer and Winterspell is going through town psychics faster than a werewolf sheds its fur after a full moon.

And let’s hope we don’t have one of those on our tail.

I’m supposed to be planning my wedding, but when a good deed leads me to the scene of a murder, my priorities take a sudden detour.

The investigation is off to a rocky start, especially when Sheriff Templeton is quick to dismiss the death as nothing more than a tragic accident.

However, the psychic’s dog has a different tale to tell, insisting it was murder most foul. Under threat of being put back on diet kibble, Selene must swallow her pride long enough to work paw-in-paw with our canine informant to sniff out the truth.

With suspects piling up faster than empty wine bottles at a bachelorette party, we’re racing against time to piece together the puzzle before the trail goes cold.

But with a prickly sheriff breathing down our necks and wedding plans demanding my attention, can we find the killer before they strike again? Or will this doggone mystery prove too much for even the sassiest of feline familiars?

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