Cora and Selene are returning on Halloween!

Have you been missing Cora and Selene?


I am happy to finally announce that both Furry Fortunes and Talisman Tails are well underway, and I have a release date for Furry Fortunes! These two books will cap off the Nine Lives Magic series, and see an end (at least for now) to Cora and Selene’s adventures together.

You can preorder or wish list your copy on Amazon, and while you wait for Halloween, enjoy this excerpt from the opening chapter (oh, and this should go without saying but MAJOR spoiler alert if you have not read Purr-fect Potions).


“Cora, for the love of skipjack tuna, stop yelling at the boulder. I think we’ve established that it can’t talk.”
My hands shook as I twisted around to glare at the pint-sized grey cat sitting on the trail a few feet away. Selene swished her tail and held my gaze, her bright blue eyes unflinching. “How can you be so calm?” I demanded. “We literally just watched a woman get swallowed by some kind of—some sort of—rock…magic, and you’re just sitting there!”
“And what would you rather have me do, hm? Flail my paws about, cursing the heavens? Because you’ve been doing that for the better part of the last ten minutes, and so far, Adventure Guide Barbie hasn’t so much as cracked.”
My lips pressed into a thin line. “At least I’m trying.”
Twisting around once more, my gaze raked over the form of Tabitha Blake, etched in granite, wild panic in her stony eyes. Her last words still echoing through my head on a loop.
“Stay away from—”
Stay away from who? Or … what? Fresh panic shot through me.
“Selene, there must be something you can do. A spell you can try. I give you permission to use my magic,” I said, trailing a finger over Tabitha’s stony arm.
The cat scoffed. “It’s cute you think I need permission.”
I shot her a glower. “Have you seen anything like this before?”
“Not since that unfortunate business with Medusa,” Selene replied, coming around the cursed statue, her eyes gleaming. “But I don’t think she had anything to do with this. For one, she hates the rain, so I can’t see her having a vacation home in Winterspell.”
My mouth dropped open, flopping like a fish out of water as I struggled for words.
“Sarcasm, Cora,” Selene added with a swish of her tail, before considering the statue anew. “I must say, Tabitha has cheekbones simply made to be immortalized in stone. Michael Angelo himself couldn’t dream up such lines.”
“Selene!” I all but stamped my feet. “What is the matter with you?! I know you’re allergic to the warm and fuzzies, but this is heartless, even for you.

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    1. It will come to audio but not on 10/31. I don’t have a release date for the audio just yet, but it is in production. 🙂

  1. Excited to start this series! I’m working my way through BHMM with Holly and the gang and I’m really enjoying them! I’m listening to the audiobooks and the narrator is top notch!! She is so good with all the characters that I forget it’s one person reading the story. I also absolutely love the cover art for the books. Holly is so pretty and I love that Boots is also on the covers. The bright colors are so nice. Really gorgeous covers! I would love to have a set of all 12 in paperback just for the cover art!! I have all 12 books on Audio that I bought from Audible and it was well worth it! I know I will absolutely listen to them again!! I love the cover art on this series as well! So adorable.

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