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I hope you enjoyed A Royal Witch. The following is a short cut scene from Cassie and Chief Lincoln’s wedding reception. I couldn’t *quite* make it work at the end of the epilogue, as I wanted Adam and Holly to have that final moment.

Anyway, I love weddings and I thought it would be fun to share a little more of Cassie and Chief’s special day! Please note, if you haven’t read or finished reading A Royal Witch, the following segment will have spoilers. : )


“Did you get one of these raspberry things?” Adam asked, holding up a small heart-shaped tart with a bite missing from one side. “If not, you needto.”

I laughed and gestured at the rest of the sugary treats he had piled before him. “Where does it rank in the goodies gauntlet you’ve got set up here?”

“Hmm. Tough choice.” He paused and took another bite, mulling it over as if I’d asked for his thoughts on the latest research in string theory.

I sipped my punch and watched him with amusement.

Cassie and Chief Lincoln’s reception was every bit as perfect and romantic as the ceremony had been. Heartfelt details were scattered throughout, showcasing the couple’s life together and their shared love.

The flower arrangements were a nod to Cassie and Kirra’s late mothers’ garden and styled to match the wedding bouquet she’d carried some thirty years ago. The flowers on each table were displayed inside an assortment of vases, each from an arrangement Chief Lincoln—Jeffery—had bought Cassie as a gift during their courtship. Jeffery’s grandmother, who was still living, had embroidered the couple’s monogram into the tablecloth for the head table, and it would serve as a keepsake to take home after the ceremony was over.

The event planners had constructed a dance floor over a large section of excavated sand, and it also displayed the couple’s monogram in vinyl lettering. Chief Lincoln and Cassie were still out there, wrapped in one another’s arms, whispering and laughing together as they twirled around the floor. Adam and I had danced a few numbers until he couldn’t resist the dessert table a moment longer. I’d been happy to kick out of my bridesmaid shoes and sit down for the first time that day.

Thousands of twinkle lights shone around us, draped from potted cherry trees. With the gently sound of the ocean waves rolling in the background and the cascade of stars peeking out as dusk fell, it was pure magic.

I snuggled into my chiffon wrap and smiled at Nick and Meryl as they swayed together like a couple of nervous kids at a junior high homecoming. Meryl was still waiting to hear what would happen with her position at the SPA, and Nick hadn’t quite yet made up his mind as to whether he wanted to proceed, but for the time being, it was safe to say the agency was the last thing on either of their minds.

“They really do make quite the couple,” Evangeline sighed, joining us at our table. “Anyone here?” she asked, gesturing at the chair opposite me. I shook my head and she sat down. “I wore the wrong shoes today.”

“You and me both,” I said with a laugh.

Evangeline’s smile faded a little. “I’m surprised you’re not passed out in a sand dune somewhere, to be honest. After everything with—”

“I’m fine, Evangeline. Really,” I interjected, offering a patient smile. She’d been fussing over me ever since I’d been released from the SPA healing ward mere hours before I was supposed to meet Cassie and Kirra and the rest of the bridesmaids for breakfast. “There was no way come hell or high water that I was going to miss this.”

“All right,” Adam said, drawing my gaze back from the dance floor. “It goes chocolate mint torte, raspberry pie-thingy, fudge brownie bite, and thenthe vanilla chai cookies.”

Evangeline smiled and rolled her eyes. “You know, St. James, I think you should give up all this nerdy computer stuff and just give in to your true calling in life—food critic.”

I snorted into my sparkling punch. “Oh!” I covered my face. “Bubbles up my nose!”

“It’s not a bad idea,” he mumbled around a mouthful of cookie. “Remind me to ask Cassie where they got the desserts. I’ll start with a write up of their menu and go from there.”

“Somehow, I doubt much writing would get done,” I teased.

A fast song started to play, and Evangeline looked around. “Where’s Harmony?” she asked, scanning the dance floor. Cassie cheered loudly as Chief Lincoln tried a sexy dance move on her, and everyone hollered, overlooking the fact that he was just a hairoff from the beat of the music. Val, Nick’s office neighbor, was watching with disdain as Meryl wiggled and shimmied with Nick.

“Looks like Nick might have to take the SPA’s offer,” I said, nudging my chin toward Val. “His number-one client doesn’t look all too thrilled with him right now.”

Evangeline winced but then giggled. “Poor Val. Remind me to introduce her to Stewart MacPherson. He’d be perfect for her. Newly divorced, no kids, and not much dating experience.”

I started to reply but stopped short when I spotted Harmony. “Well, well, well. Looks like Harmony’s officially off her no-boys-allowed policy,” I said as the young witch locked lips with one of Chief Lincoln’s groomsmen over by the bar.

Evangeline spun around in her chair to follow my gaze. “Ooooh! He’s cute!”

“Nothing like a wedding to get everyone a little frisky,” Adam said, wiggling his brows.

“Speaking of looove,” Evangeline drawled, giving Adam and me her best googly eyes. “When do we get to do all this for you two?”

I laughed at her question, even as heat singed my cheeks.

“That’s a great question,” Adam said, giving me a meaningful look.

During my evening in the SPA healer’s ward, we’d had plenty of time to finish the conversation we’d started prior to Lorn’s impulsive exit, and for the first time—maybe ever in the history of our relationship—we were on the same page.

Evangeline leaned in, a shark smelling chum in the waters. “Is there something I don’t know?” she whispered.

I raised my left hand. “Seems like there’s at least one step to go before we get there,” I replied, wiggling my bare ring finger.

Adam looked at me and smiled. “We can fix that any day, gorgeous.”

I took his hand and he kissed the back of my knuckles. “Today is Cassie and Chief’s day,” I said, my smile widening. “As for what you do tomorrow, that’s up to you.”


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  1. Love it ❤️
    Can’t wait to read the rest of the book. Hopefully Holly and Adam finally get it together 💕

  2. Cannot Wait for the next one!! Just love all your book series. The characters, the story line, the way you can’t wait for what comes next…! Simply fabulous!

  3. I am so in love with this series. The characters are awesome and the way they relate is real and down. Looking forward to the next book. I have to know how things work out.

  4. I feel like one of the few on team Nick and Holly. Something feels missing between her and Adam that she seems to find with Nick.

  5. I absolutely love these books and adding unicorns up it a lot. But I just want Adam and Holly to get married and start having little shifters

  6. I’m in love with this series. Haven’t read a book in 6 months started this and can’t stop. Wanna start scarlet story too

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