Author: Danielle Garrett

A Solstice Sampling: A Whisper of Winter

Here is the first chapter from my upcoming prequel novella, A Whisper of Winter.   Sometimes Evelyn Rosewood truly despised living in the southwest tower of Crownvale Castle, what with its leaky roof, drafty windows, and the way a strong buffet of wind could make the whole thing feel on the verge of toppling over.

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Cora and Selene are returning on Halloween!

Have you been missing Cora and Selene?   I am happy to finally announce that both Furry Fortunes and Talisman Tails are well underway, and I have a release date for Furry Fortunes! These two books will cap off the Nine Lives Magic series, and see an end (at least for now) to Cora and

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I’m hitting the pause button…

Today’s update isn’t one I want to make, but I feel that I owe you the truth. I’ve made the difficult decision to cancel both the preorder for Hexes & Honey Buns and Furry Fortunes. This decision wasn’t made lightly, and I really hate to let you down. However, at this time, I have to

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Evergreen Elves — The Bonus Epilogue Is Here!

Evergreen Elves … the story continues! I hope you have enjoyed reading all of the Winter Witches of Holiday Haven books this year. It’s been such a blast working with my fellow authors to create this special place. I know you are eager to see Lumi and Corbin’s big day, so please enjoy this bonus

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Sneak peek of Mermaids and Meringue!

After a long (long) wait, we are finally returning to Rosella’s adventures in Winterspell. Mermaids and Meringue will release on October 28th. It’s not a Halloween story—it’s actually starts on New Year’s Eve—but I promise it’s packed full of magic and mystery! Read on for the entire first chapter and then head over to Amazon

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Cursed Claws Sneak Peek

Here is the first chapter of Cursed Claws. Pre-order or wish list today — releasing on 9/21!   **Note this has not gone through the final pass of proofreading, so please forgive all errors. Rest assured they will be fixed in the completed book! 🙂 CHAPTER ONE Fall had arrived in Winterspell and as summer

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Hexed Hiss-tory Sneak Peek!

Hexed Hiss-tory is coming out on July 29th! Here is a sneak peek at the book. Get your copy today!   It was a place no self-respecting witch and feline familiar should have been. At least, not at half past noon on a Wednesday. Winterspell’s favorite watering hole, Merlin’s Well, was one of those bars

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Sprinkles and Sea Serpents: Chapter One

On September 24th I will be releasing Sprinkles and Sea Serpents, the first book in a brand new series–the Sugar Shack Witch Mysteries. This is the first time I’ve published something not connected back to the Beechwood Harbor world, and I am equal parts nervous and excited! I am truly in love with this new book and hope that you will enjoy it! Here is the entire first chapter. A little appetizer! Remember, add the book to your Amazon wish list (specially if you’re a Kindle Unlimited reader) or pre-order today!

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Bad Ghosts Club: Sneak Peek

“I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween,” I said, working to untangle a string of small, pumpkin-shaped lights. “It feels like we were just putting these away for the season. Someone definitely has their thumb on the fast-forward button of life.” Lizzie laughed as she set a trio of ceramic pumpkins beside the cash register. “That’s

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Reception Cut Scene

I hope you enjoyed A Royal Witch. The following is a short cut scene from Cassie and Chief Lincoln’s wedding reception. I couldn’t *quite* make it work at the end of the epilogue, as I wanted Adam and Holly to have that final moment. Anyway, I love weddings and I thought it would be fun

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