Author: Danielle Garrett

When Good Ghosts Get the Blues: Sneak Peek

When Good Ghosts get the blues: a beechwood harbor ghost mystery Book Three **Coming November 29th, 2018** Scarlet’s next adventure is coming next week! It’s been such a long time coming and I honestly can’t wait for the release date. At the end of Ghosts Gone Wild, Lucas presented Scarlet with a plane ticket to

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First Look: Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve

Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve Chapter One A lot can change in five years, but when dealing with centuries-old vampires, it’s best not to expect progress. Without the urgency of their own mortality, the undead beings don’t feel the need to keep up with the Jones’s, so to speak. Personally, I liked to shake things

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Ghost Gone Wild: Sneak Peek

Ghosts Gone Wild CHAPTER ONE It’s a new dawn. A new day. A new life. A new … everything, and it’s stressing me out. To take some of the pressure off my shoulders, I’d hired a part-time assistant at the flower shop. It wasn’t working out quite the way I’d planned. In just two excruciating

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The Ghost Hunter Next Door: Sneak Peek

Chapter one There’s nothing more obnoxious than having an easy-going Sunday morning ruined by a pair of warring ghosts. Unfortunately, that was my reality far more often than not. “You’re blocking the screen, you talking feather duster!” Hayward Kensington III snapped at Flapjack, a gorgeous Himalayan cat who had once been my childhood pet. “Newsflash,

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! I know a lot of my readers are mothers and grandmothers — to all of you, thank you for what you do! For my own mama — I would be NOWHERE without you! You’ve always been my biggest cheerleader and I will love you forever. To my furbabies — why are you

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Witch Way Home Sneak Peek

Ready for More Beechwood Harbor? Holly’s Back! Book Four in the Beechwood Harbor Magic Mysteries Series will be available next week! I’ll have a special, first week sale price to say “thank you!” for waiting so patiently. In the meantime, here is an exclusive sneak peek at chapter one. **Please note: This is the rough

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Welcome to Beechwood Harbor!

Welcome to Beechwood Harbor, an everyday town with some very abnormal residents! Murder’s a Witch is the first book in this exciting new series, and each book will follow Holly Boldt and her paranormal roommates on their adventures as they live under the radar, in a human dominated world. Each book will feature a new

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