Book 2

Fairies in the Foyer

Fairy godmothers who mean business!

The Beechwood Inn for paranormal beings is opening its doors once again, and the first event following the hiatus is a fairy godmother conference.

When the godmothers arrive, I expect them to bust out their knitting projects and sip tea, while they swap recipes and sweet stories of their cherubic charges. So, when the sitting room turns into a defensive magic combat zone and a boot camp style obstacle course is erected in the manor’s backyard, I’m more than a little thrown off.

Then the curse gets unleashed.

It’s all hands—and paws—on deck, if we have a chance of saving the inn from the ravages of the strange and deadly magic.

Luckily for me, I just mastered how to levitate a feather. So, I should totally be able to save the day.

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