Book 3

Ghosts in the Garden

When specters speak, secrets unravel.

Adjusting to life at Beechwood Inn, with its magical quirks and paranormal guests, was adventure enough. But when the spectral form of Rachel Palmer crashes into my world, things go sideways all over again.

Rachel’s memory is a fractured mirror, with the reflection of Sean Harrington, her wealthy ex-boyfriend, caught in its shards. Despite accusations and suspicions, Rachel’s ethereal heart refuses to believe Sean’s guilt.

Diving headfirst into the maze of Rachel’s past, every corner I turn reveals secrets long cloaked in shadows. Sinister forces are mounting against me, but the heartache and hope of Rachel’s parents, along with Sean’s enduring love, draw me deeper into the cold case mystery.

In piecing together the puzzle of Rachel’s tragically short life, I find more than I bargained for—something that might change the course of my own future.

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